Pres. Sirleaf Declares Friday Fast & Prayer Day

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(MONROVIA, TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 2014):  The President of the Republic of Liberia, Her Excellency Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has by Proclamation declared the Second

Friday in April 2014 (Friday, April 11, 2014) as a Fast and Prayer Day to be observed throughout Liberia as a National Holiday.

The Day is set aside as a Day of Supplication, Prayer, Fasting and Meditation in order that the blessings of the Almighty God may rest upon the high and noble duty which He has laid upon Liberia, to the end that its efforts as a nation, may be crowned with great achievements to the common cause of the State and its common humanity.

The Proclamation is in consonance with the Act of The National legislature, which was passed into law in 1883 declaring  the Second Friday in April of each year as a National Fast and Prayer Day for the prosperity of Liberia and in grateful appreciation of God’s deliverance of the nation from external aggression.

The Proclamation Further calls on all Prelates, Priests, Elders, Deacons, Evangelists, Imams as well as citizens and foreign residents of Liberia regardless of religious creed, to gather with one accord, in their respective places of worship within the territorial confines of Liberia in simple and non-costly apparel to Fast, Pray and to Intercede for the country commencing at 8 O’clock ante meridian.

The Proclamation further orders all Public Offices, Business Houses and market places closed during the observance  ,while citizens and foreign residents will cease from where usual daily occupations in further recognition of God’s love and guidance  for  the nation, Liberia.

The Proclamation recalled when the country had no standing army, in those formative years of its existence; the Almighty God delivered Liberia and its People from external threats and attempts to control its territory. 

While recounting God’s continued blessings for Liberia, the Proclamation Indicated that since 1847, Liberia has existed as a Sovereign and Independent State by the grace, mercy and faithfulness of the Almighty God.

The release stated “there is a strong national need for remembrance in prayers and other forms of concentrations and solicitude by the People of Liberia who made the supreme sacrifices of their lives willingly or unwillingly through the ages and woeful events.

The Proclamation maintains that the future of Liberia should continue to promote and strengthen more and more the peace, brotherhood and indivisible unity amongst the Liberian people, especially within the foreseeable future, embracing all human and spiritual means to attain these objectives.